Terms of Service

By logging into the website, you are agreeing to our terms of service.

Once you log into the website, no refunds can be processed.  We will offer partial refunds on double charges, or accidentally purchasing two of the same memberships.  Please note, you will not be refunded for both memberships.

We reserve the right to revoke your membership without refund, and permanently ban your IP address from the website for violating the following conditions of your membership.

  • Publicly posting or sharing any content from the members area of our website.
  • Downloading content from the members area of our website.
  • Filing a case with PayPal for recovery of membership fees after logging into the members area of the website.
  • Filing a case with your bank to recover membership fees after you’ve logged in to our website.
  • White Knighting.  White knighting is when members share content with models or photographers in an attempt to portray Bayou Babes in a negative light.
  • Using our sensitive content to blackmail, stalk, or harass models that appear on our website.
  • Harassing other members of our website, or revealing their identity in a public setting.
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