Performer Over View

You’ll be able to change all of your settings, and go live from the performer dashboard.  You’ll find the performer dashboard in the primary menu under webcams.

Scroll down on the page to the settings just below the green go live button.  Click on the setup tab to enter your settings.  This is where you’ll be able to set your rates for private pay per minute sessions.  The picture tab is where you can choose to set a custom photo as your webcam listing instead of a snap shot of your last live section.

The messages tab is where you’ll find paid questions and chat.  The default is $5 per question.

The video and pictures tab is where you’ll upload and manage your photos and videos.  Once you’ve selected the pictures tab, there will be an upload button.  Click this and it will take you to the proper screen for uploading content (see the next two screen shots).

The next tab is your bans list.  Here you’ll be able to see the people you’ve kicked or banned from your room.

One tab over is your Wallet tab (TeraWallet).  This is where any money you’ve made will show up.

Now that we’ve got our settings set up, we’ll go live.  Simply hit the green “Go Live” button, and accept the sites request to access your camera.

Now you’ll see a screen as posted below.  The circled setting is where you’ll see a connecting (circling wheel), an eye (connected, and going live), or an eye with a cross (not broadcasting, there is a problem).

The horn symbol in the top right corner is how you enable and disable sound.  The first screen shot is with the sound muted, the second the sound has been enabled.

Now we’ll look at the sound effects (SFX) button.  This is where you can hear when someone enters the room, if someone tips, or sends a comment.  The first screen shot is disabled, and the second one has the SFX enabled.

Next we’ll check the tabs to the right of your webcam screen. The camera tab is where you can see yourself on camera, and change the settings of the camera by pressing the settings button in the top right corner.

You’ll want to broadcast in 720P with the highest KB/S possible (I.E. 1000 KB/S).

The next link is where you’ll find the users online watching your session.  Here you can view the users profile, kick them out, or ban them from your show.

Next is the room preferences tab.  Remember to scroll down here as there are more options than you can see on the first screen.

The last thing you should know is how to edit your room and profile pages.  You can click those tabs all the way at the bottom of the webcam room, or of your performer dashboard page.

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