Member Webcam Overview

To access the webcam you must first be an active member.  You can view the webcam from your mobile device, or your computer.  The software works best from your computer.  You also need a good internet connection.  If you are on your mobile, you must have at least 4G LTE to view the webcam in full HD.  A 10 5 MB/S connection is preferred.

To view the webcams, select webcams in the primary menu, then find “live webcams”.  Click on the webcam you want to view.

If you see the eye you are connected, if you see an eye with a cross you are disconnected, if you see a circle its trying to connect.

Now you’ll want to turn on the sound.  If you see a setting that says tap for sound… tap it.  If you see the horn with 3 or 4 waves, sound is on.  If you see a horn with no waves, sound is still muted.

The button to the right of the sound horn is the full screen button.

The default screen is on chat (to the right of the webcam).  If you want to see the users in this room, select the people icon to the right.

Now let’s look at the sound effects button.  It is on the bottom of the webcam screen.  It will be either green or yellow.  Here you can enable or disable the users entering, chatting, tipping, or leaving sounds.  The first screen shot is in yellow and is SFX off.  The second is green and is on.

This is the tipping button.

The button for going to a private show is next to the tip button.

Adding funds to your wallet.  In the primary menu… Select webcams, then click on client dashboard.

Select the blue manage wallet button.

Now select wallet top up, and follow the process.

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