Q: I would really like to see a certain custom set with one of the models.  Can I request a custom shoot? 

A: Yes.   Shoot us an email at info@bayou-babes.com, or use our contact form on the contact page to contact us.  We’ll check with our model to see if we can make it happen.

Q: Can I resell, re-post, or share the photos I’ve purchased form this website? 

A: Photos that are purchased from, or illegally downloaded from this website are Copyright (c) protected, and are intended to be viewed by the purchaser only.  Reselling or using our copyrighted imagery is strictly prohibited.

Q: Do I have to be from Louisiana to Model with Bayou Babes?

A: Anyone can apply at www.bayou-babes.com/application

Q: Who is your photographer?

A: We work [have worked] with numerous photographers.  So far we have used or are scheduled with Vincent Pierce Photography, Jeston Brandon Photography, and Beansfotos.

Q: I’m not yet eighteen, can I apply?

A: You can apply for future consideration once you have reached the legal age in your area.  We do not schedule any models under eighteen for any reason.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders, and wholesale orders?

A: Yes.  Email us for more information at info@bayou-babes.com

Q: Are you interested in investors?

A: As long as Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC retains 51% ownership, we’ll listen to any offer.

Q: Why are there random watermarks and blacked out images on the site?

A: Our website is configured to place multiple layers of protection over images.  An image is watermarked once a user tries to right click, screenshot, or screen capture on a protected image.  The purpose is to try to prevent our content from leaking out.  We value our models’ privacy, and make every effort to keep content on our site.

Q: I’ve accidentally clicked on some images causing watermarks, can I request the watermarks be removed?

A: If you’re a member, you can just let us know and we’ll reset it.  We know accidents happen.  If you’re not a paying member, we probably won’t reset it.  Images displayed for non members are previews, and aren’t meant for viewing.

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