Bayou Bucks

We’re happy to introduce our new rewards program, Bayou Bucks!  Bayou Bucks are automatically inserted into your wallet after you make a purchase.  It can take up to 24 hours for Bayou Bucks to show up in your account.  You MUST have an account to earn Bayou Bucks!  Our new wallet system will also allow you to add money to your account for future use, or to transfer money to another account.  If you’re logged in on your desktop or laptop, you’ll find your Bayou Bucks balance in the top right corner next to your shopping cart.  If you’re logged in on the mobile version, you’ll need to click the drop down menu to see your Balance.  The ratio of Bayou Bucks to U.S. Dollars is 1:1.

Here’s how you’ll earn Bayou Bucks:

  • 3% Cash Back on all merchandise
  • 3% Cash Back on monthly memberships
  • 4% Cash Back for Gold Members
  • 6% Cash Back for Owners Club Members
  • Bonus multiplier ranging from 1.1 – 3 for each consecutive month or year you are a member

Log into your account here!

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